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How to buy a property in Monaco?

When looking for your property in Monaco, our agency is at your side to help you make your choice. We advise you throughout the buying process.

A facilitated acquisition process

Entrusting your project to our expert agency will simplify the process of buying your property. All you have to do is tell us the following:

  • Your needs: rental/patrimonial investment or use (residential/professional)
  • Your budget for this project
  • a couple
  • Whether you have a preferred area
  • Any information you consider necessary to enable us to accompany you in your project

Armed with all this information, we can offer you properties that are for public sale, as well as those that are for sale on a much more confidential basis. This is our added value as a local agency with a command of the market. Indeed, our partners tell us about the "off-market" offers. A real estate market that is not displayed in the windows of agencies or on websites dedicated to “Le Rocher” real estate.

We will visit with you the properties that have caught your attention and help you to appreciate their real value. We will conduct discussions with the seller on your behalf, under your supervision and according to your expectations in terms of price.

Once an agreement has been reached, we will draw up a purchase offer. On this point, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that any acceptance of the offer countersigned by the seller is a definitive commitment. Only the suspensive conditions mentioned in the offer to purchase could then release you from the contract.

We ensure that the offer to purchase includes all the mandatory legal conditions:

  • The identity of the purchaser, verified by documentary evidence,
  • The clear designation of the property to be purchased,
  • The sale price of the property and the method of payment you have chosen,
  • The period of validity of the purchase offer,
  • The charges and the conditions applying to the sale,
  • The famous suspensive conditions, which may be in the form of work to be carried out or financing to be obtained, and which must be carried out within the specified time,
  • The various costs and fees applicable to the purchase of your future property,
  • Finally, the deadline by which you and the seller must sign the deed of sale.

Once the offer has been accepted, we can submit  your deposit cheque to a notary in the Principality. You can also make a bank transfer directly to the firm's account within 48 hours. The purchase offer will then be accepted and neither you nor the seller will be able to withdraw.

Do I need to draw up a preliminary sales agreement?

The preliminary sales agreement is not a compulsory document in Monaco. However, it is safer to draw up one if you are buying your property via a bank loan or if the property can be preempted by the State.

Indeed, the Principality of Monaco reserves the right to pre-empt real estate built before 1947. The administration then has a period of 30 days from the signing of the agreement to take over from you in the procedure for purchasing the property.

How does the handover of the keys take place?

The signing of the deed of sale takes place in the office of a notary in the Principality. This is the high point of your purchase and your signature on the deed gives it the force of res judicata.

Its date marks the beginning of your new status as owner of the property. It is at this point that the keys are handed over to you. But before that, you must pay the notary fees relating to the purchase of the property:

  • The purchase of a new property or a property in a future state of completion requires the payment of fees amounting to 2.5% of the total value of the property.
  • If you buy the property as an individual or through a civil company registered in the Principality, the fee is set at 6% of the value of the property.
  • If you are buying on behalf of an offshore or foreign company, the fee is 7.5% of the total value of the property.
  • Finally, life annuities are subject to fees amounting to 6% of the estimated value of the bouquet plus the sum of 10 years of annuity.

In addition, the agency fees are set by the Monegasque Real Estate Chamber at 3% excluding tax for purchasers on the purchase price, which must be paid latest at the time of signing the deed.

You are now in possession of the keys to your new property. If it is a rental property, we can also assist you in the rental management of your property.

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For information on the purchase, sale, rental, management and the estimation of your property in Monaco, our team is available for further information.

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