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How to ensure the rental management of your property in Monaco?

When you own a property, it can be difficult to manage it in regard to the different personal or professional occupations and the stress that this can cause on a daily basis. Agence de la Gare offers a property management service for all your properties, to facilitate the  dialogue with your tenants. As property experts, we put a team of professionals at your service, to manage all your rental properties, simplifying your daily life.

What are the missions of our agency?

Agence de la Gare performs a multitude of tasks, from publishing the rental advertisement to opening the water and electricity meters and signing the lease contract.

Publication of your property and selection of candidates

We advertise your property on all our communication channels, with the aim of putting it up for rent as soon as possible. Then comes the selection of the tenant. Our role is to evaluate the financial capacities of the candidates. To do this, we ask them to provide :

  • Their last pay slips
  • Their employment contract
  • Bank certificate

An investigation of the previous landlords declared by the interested parties can also be carried out with the aim of answering these two essential questions:

  • Is he a good payer?
  • Is he or she of good character?

Our selection is particularly demanding and never leaves any room for doubt. Monaco's rental market has the advantage of being in high demand, which allows us to be explicitly selective. No tenant moves into a flat that we manage without strong guarantees of solvency.

Draw up of the rental contract and installation of the tenant

The agency will draw up the rental contract for you. The same applies to the inventory of fixtures on arrival and departure of the tenant. At your request, we can even have the inventory of fixtures carried out by a bailiff.

As your property manager, we take care of all the administrative procedures. Including the registration of your property or any other legal obligation. For example, our real estate agency can be the privileged interlocutor of the tax authorities.

In permanent contact with the tenant, our teams take care of opening the water and electricity meters. We also ensure that the tenant has carried out the mandatory checks, such as the boiler, for example.

We check that the flat is insured, not only by you as the owner, but also by the tenant. Our agency can arrange these insurances, if necessary.

Follow the entire life of the property

One of the members of our team will be present at all the general meetings of the co-ownership, and a summary note will be attached to your file so that he can have, at any time, an overview of the situation of your property. In the same way, he will monitor any maintenance and repair work that is carried out in your flat or in the building.

He or she will also deal with any claims. He or she will ensure that the insurance companies are informed and will contact the appropriate companies to restore your property as quickly as possible.

Management of funds

Agence de la Gare, as manager, is responsible for collecting the rent. We ensure that the funds are paid out by the tenant, without any defaults or delays in payment. Whether it is a question of calls for funds, sending rent receipts or the correct adjustment of charges, the manager follows all the financial movements relating to your property.

Agence de La Gare has been managing several properties in Monaco for several decades. We have an expert team and all the necessary knowledge to manage your properties efficiently.

For information on the purchase, sale, rental, management and the estimation of your property in Monaco, our team is available for further information.

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