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How to estimate the value of your property in Monaco?

Do you own a property in the Principality of Monaco and would like to determine its exact market value? Whether you are planning to sell your assets, or simply for information purposes, knowing the value of your property will enable you to make the most appropriate and reliable decisions to achieve your objectives. Our team will assist you in this project.

The different aspects of our expertise

In order to make an accurate evaluation of your property, our team of experts is at your disposal to provide you with our knowledge of the market and to give you the benefit of our expertise in the Monegasque property sector.

To evaluate the market value of a property, several points must be taken into consideration:

  • The area
    • Location and reputation
    • Proximity to amenities (shops, schools, transport etc.)
  • The unique features that each property has
    • Type of building
    • Size and floor plan
    • Improvements that have been made
    • Age of the property
    • Condition of the property
  • The market situation
  • Inspection of previous and recent transactions for the same type of property.
    The correlation between the price of the flat and its rental value.

These are some of the keys we use to assess the fairest price for your property.

Since data on property sales in Monaco is not public and prices fluctuate widely between different areas or even from one building to another (a so-called "micro-market") in the principality, it is particularly important for our team to rely on our proven methods to determine the most accurate value for your property and avoid subjectivity.

Our different methods of evaluation

1. The comparison method

This method uses the value of comparable properties that have recently been sold to determine the value of a property. This method thus consists of cross-referencing and analyzing recent transactions involving properties with strong similarities, in order to draw conclusions as to the price assessment.

2. The income capitalisation method

This method approaches property valuation using either the actual annual income of the property or a notional income to determine its fair market value.

Objectivity and precision

Throughout the valuation and sales process, it is essential to maintain an objective position and to corroborate each valuation assumption with solid evidence using the valuation methods mentioned above.

For example, it may be interesting, although often misleading, to look only at the prices of other properties for sale in the same area, but these do not necessarily present a reliable and objective profile of the market situation, but rather may be influenced by individual situations and the decisions of the seller. It is therefore advisable to turn to proven valuation methods and qualified advice rather than to follow common interpretations. This ensures that the process runs smoothly and that the results are reliable.

With this complexity in mind, our qualified team is more than willing to guide and support you through the valuation process and the potential sale of your property. The Monegasque real estate market is certainly as unique as the Principality itself, and we therefore consider it our greatest goal to act as a reliable and honest institution in this micro-market.

Agence de la Gare assists you as well in your property purchase and property sale projects in Monaco.

For information on the purchase, sale, rental, management and the estimation of your property in Monaco, our team is available for further information.

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